Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) For those participating at the Transnational Cooperation Network under the ADRION 5 SENSES Interreg project

The Transnational Cooperation Network is a tool for the coordinating and engagement of the most relevant private, public, regional, national or international actors to promote the areas of ADRION 5 SENSES which are characterized by their particular historical, cultural and natural value. The Network creates a fruitful ground for dialogue and partnerships between the social partners, the media, civil society etc. for the Adriatic region. The aim of the Network is to effectively collaborate, consult, commit and promote the ADRION 5 SENSES so to create a tourism experience by indulging all 5 senses. The selection of participants in the Network was selectively made in order to add value to the ADRION 5 SENSES project, its results and its evolution and further development of actions. For this reason, the members of the network are invited to sign a Memorandum of Understanding setting out the rules, duties and responsibilities and in general the procedures of the network.
To this effect, the Transnational Cooperation Network is established so its members to add knowledge and added value on:
Access and participate in the conversations -written or oral- of the Network in the ADRION 5 SENSES regarding tourism, culture and nature
Exchange of knowledge and expertise information during the periodical meeting
Access to state-of-the-art portfolio of European practices and capacities
Attend, when possible and appropriate, in meetings, virtually or physically
Participate, when possible and appropriate, in workshops based on the needs of the network
Inform and get informed on the related development regarding the ADRION 5 SENSES
Promote, when possible and appropriate, the ADRION 5 SENS and its results and activities
Actively connect to other, similar, European and/or International networks
The network is currently coordinated by the organizations participating in the ADRION 5 SENSES project, composed of the Region of Epirus (GR), the Development Agency of Evia (GR), SIPRO Development Agency – Ferrara (IT), Zadar County Development Agency ZADRA NOVA (HR), Regional Development Agency of Northern Primorska Ltd. Nova Gorica (SL), Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency (BA), Regional Agency for Economic Development of Sumadija and Pomoravlje (RS), Albanian Development Fund (AL) and National tourism Organization of Montenegro (ME).
Commitment to participate in the ADRION 5 SENSES as described in this MOU shall be effective as of the date of execution and until any networking, research and training activities of the network are finalized, unless the Parties agree upon mutual consent to extent or otherwise modify the term of this MOU.

This MOU is signed by:
Name of the Representative: