Regjistrohuni për t’u bashkuar në rrjetin e transaksioneve

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) For those participating at the Transnational Cooperation Network under the ADRION 5 SENSES Interreg project


The Memorandum of Agreement, to be referred as MoA, consists of the main signing document-MoA including its main articles that describe the network itself. Specifically, the document describes the 1) purpose, 2) overall goal, 3) tools and methodology 4) membership, 5) Governance, 6) duration and terms of understanding, 7) effective date and signatures and finally contains the contact information of the signatory members. The overall purpose of the MoA is to disseminate further the results of the ADRION 5 SENSES project, as well as to establish a non-legally binding cooperation between signatory parts, with a goal to improve their understanding and knowledge of the (Multi)Sensory tourist product development, management and marketing. This document constitutes an agreement between signing parties namely the project partners, and their key stakeholders, of the project ADRION 5 SENSES in the establishment of a ADRION 5 SENSES Transnational Network The Project Partners: Region of Epirus ROE ΕΛΛΑΔΑ (ELLADA) Development Agency of Evia DAE ΕΛΛΑΔΑ (ELLADA) Development Agency – Ferrara SIPRO (ITALIA) Zadar County Development Agency ZADRA NOVA (CROATIA) RDA of Northern Primorska Ltd. Nova Gorica RDANG (SLOVENIJA) Sarajevo Economic Regional Development Agency SERDA (BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA) Regional Agency for Economic Development of Šumadija and Pomoravlje REDASP (SERBIA) Albanian Development Fund ADF (ALBANIA) National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro NTOCG (MONTENGRO) Based on the co-working relations which exist among the partners; being aware of the fact that cooperation on the joint project contributes to a better understanding of culture and history in the Adriatic region; bearing in mind the Subsidy contract, the Partnership Agreement and the Interreg ADRION Transnational Programme documents, have reached the following Memorandum of Agreement: Memorandum of Agreement Article 1 - The purpose 1.1 This Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) sets the terms and conditions for the establishment of the “ADRION 5 SENSES Transnational Network” with the main objective to promote sustainable tourism and multi-sensory tourism destination practices among Network members. 1.2 The MoA constitutes an agreement by and between the ADRION 5 SENSES project partners as well as eventual future stakeholders that wish to enter the Network. The partners of the ADRION 5 SENSES project constitute the core-founding members of the Network with the MoA aiming to attract other joining port community members from the Adriatic-Ionian Region. Article 2. – Goals of the Network 2.1 The primary goal of the Network is to raise stakeholder awareness and improve attitude in destinations marketing and branding due to their active involvement in the ADRION 5 SENSES Transnational Network that will be available to entities outside the partnership. 2.2 The secondary goal of the Network is to ensure effective communication, interaction and co-ordination in order to establish and manage the ADRION 5 SENSES Transnational Network and consensus during project implementation and beyond. 2.3 The Network adopts the ADRION Programme’s and ADRION 5 SENSES goal, to raise the capacity for the stakeholders in the fields of natural and cultural heritage protection and tourism, to sustainably valorize natural and cultural heritage as a growth asset. 2.4 The Network also adopts the specific objectives of the ADRION 5 SENSES project: - Direct efforts of ADRION stakeholders to sustainable planning of physical/ virtual settings & valorisation of natural/ cultural heritage, in which positive/ memorable experiences are more likely to emerge, leading to positive outcomes such as tourist loyalty. - Enhance the tourism product of the ADRION rea through sensory marketing and a holistic approach to sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. 2.5 The Network members will be able to share information, publications and examples of good practices related to sensory tourism products and services; exchange experience on implementing their projects and activities, and continue learning about good practices related to this new area of tourism. Article 3. – Tools & Methodologies 3.1 The Network members envisage establishing cooperation by following specific tools and methods developed by the ADRION 5 SENSES project: 3.1.1 The “ADRION 5 SENSES Joint Strategy and Action Plan”, developed by the ADRION 5 SENSES project partners, that articulates the strategy direction and actions for the development, marketing and management of the ADRION destinations and provides a long-term direction for the destination’s development, marketing and management as well as short, medium and long-term actions to achieve the destination’s vision; 3.1.2 The “ADRION 5 SENSES”, ADRION’s unified destination brand, along with the brand manual, the design templates its implementations. 3.1.3 The “Map of Sensations” an interactive web application, integrated part of the web platform, where point of interests of the programme area are described in terms of their sensory and emotional features. The map aims to encourage visitors to live sensory-informed experiences, offering a new perspective of the ADRION destinations; 3.1.4 The “Exhibition Centers”, which are integral part of the ADRION 5 SENSES brand methodology, will be promoted and presented in physical and/or virtual manner. The Exhibition centers are operated and maintained by the partners involved in the ADRION 5 SENSES project. 3.1.5 The digitalized training tools (course curricula and webinars), available for use and replications by shareholders of the cultural tourism industries. 3.2 The above-mentioned tools are available for adaptation and use, unlimited and for free by all Network members as well as by Network stakeholders. Article 4. – Membership 4.1 The Transnational Network relies on the active and effective collaboration of not only project partners and associated partners, but also partners' stakeholders, in order to ensure the maximum possible consensus, commitment and durability in all activities and outputs foreseen. 4.2 The Network is open to additional members in order to foster the collaboration and sustainable tourism in the Adriatic region; to promote the project scope, outcomes and benefits, which are related to the development, management and marketing of tourism for the particular destination; to inform members of new trends, opportunities, development in the sector of sensory tourism etc.; to widen on regular basis the Network itself with new locations, members, opportunities and users. 4.3 Interested entities or professionals willing to join the Network should follow the prerequisites described below: a) accept the rules and terms of understanding that govern the Network b) demonstrate integration of ADRION 5 SENSES Joint Strategy vision and goals into their operational procedures c) present intentions in adopting multi-sensory approach of touristic locations d) acknowledge the overall goal of the project Network; d) sign the present Memorandum of Agreement by contacting, via e-mail or the platform, the referent responsible person of the country and/or language of interest, listed down below next to the signature of each member of the Network. 4.4 Eligible potential members are: local public authorities; regional public authorities; national public authorities; sectoral agencies; service providers related to tourism, cultural/natural heritage; entities related to natural/cultural heritage, sustainable tourism and branding/ marketing; higher education and research institutes; SME’s and business support organizations. Article 5. – Governance 5.1 The Network operates under a 2-tier system: The Steering Committee and the Operational Officers. 5.1.1 The Steering Committee is consisted by the representatives of the nine core-founding members of the Network. If the members of the Network rise above the threshold of 20 members and up to 30, for each 5 members – one representative will be jointly appointed. Above the threshold of 30 members, one additional Steering Committee member will be jointly appointed for every 8 members. If the Network reaches the threshold of 80 members, a formal meeting will be called by the Steering Committee in order to examine the formalization of the Network. 5.1.2 The Operational Officers are designated contacts (staff or volunteers) of each of the Network members. The Operational Officers are tasked with the preservation and update of the tools of the Network, as well as with the implementation of the adopted Strategy and Action Plan. 5.2 The following methods will be used to carry out the aims of the cooperation: 5.2.1 Network members can meet virtually on an annual basis in order to host an on-line event bringing together members of the consortium and stakeholders from the sensory tourism industry in an effort to promote sustainable touristic destinations as well as exchange expertise and discuss best practices that have been carried out at each location. An official report will be written and send to all members, following the meeting and decisions undertaken during the meeting. 5.2.2 At any point Network members will be free to seek advice between each other in topics that specific members have demonstrated expertise. 5.2.3 All members have the obligation to inform the Network if there is a change in contact person and/or provide at all time name and contact of one person managing the Network for their region. 5.3 The governance of the Network is the responsibility of each partners’ institution that signed the Memorandum of Agreement. Each partner is maintaining the visibility of their region on the web platform, replies to eventual questions from the users, translates the content and maintains the performances of the platform. Article 6 – Duration of Network and Terms of understanding 6.1 The present Memorandum of Agreement will take effect upon the date of signing of the last core-member. 6.2 The MoA will initially have a five-year duration becoming effective upon signing from all ADRION 5 SENSES party members, with the possibility of further extension based on the willingness of the Members. It will remain effective until December 2025 according to the period of five years after the end of the ADRION 5 SENSES Project. 6.3 If any of the Members wish to leave the agreement it should notify for its intention to end the cooperation under this Moa at least 3 months in advance of such discontinuation. 6.4 Amendment: This MoA may be renegotiated, amended or modified at any time by mutual agreement of the parties. 6.5 Non-binding MoA: This MoA is non-binding and does not create any legal rights, obligations or consequences. The Memorandum of Agreement is signed by all ADRION 5 SENSES project partners who are serving as core-