The howling of wolves (Alpe)

As the largest biodiversity protected area in the country, the Albanian Alps National Park is a habitat of about 1,600 species of flora and over 270 different species of fauna, a quarter of which are mammals, such as bears, wild goats, wolves etc. Unlike bears that are solitary animals, wolves are more sociable animals. They get together when hunting , but especially in winter, when food is scarce. In these cases, the wolves communicate with one another through the roars. Throughout history, local people have coexisted with this property, maintaining lasting relationships, with each party respecting the other party’s space and time. The bear and the wolf did not approach to people and people  did not provoke them. Locals have even expressed their admiration for the wolf’s bravery, for example, even using it as a human name. Such a name, Uka or simply Uk, is widespread in the depths of the Albanian Alps, but also in other mountainous regions of the Western Balkans.