Guesthouse Vuktilaj (Xhubleta)

Patterns resembling the xhubleta appear in archeological findings dating back more than 2,000 years before Christ. This traditional garment of Albanian women in Northern Albania is unique in its shape, material, craftmanship and geographical reach. Xhubleta is a thick woolen skirt shaped like a knell with 3-4 furled clothing and 15-20 other pieces (wool, silk, linen) attached to it, ornamented with silver jewelry. Xhubleta is entirely adorned with several mystical patterns, mainly pagan symbols of the sun, moon, snake, but floral ornaments as well. These comprising pieces of clothing and jewelry ornaments vary according to the region and reflect the layers of time. Xhubleta was worn by young girls before marriage and was a daily outfit of highlander women in the Albanian Alps until about 1960. Currently, xhubleta is mostly worn as a ceremonial dress on religious holidays and family occasions of the highlanders.