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The Songs of the Frontier Warriors, also known as the Albanian Epic of the North, are part of the legendary Albanian Epic Heroic Songs series. The highlanders of the Albanian Alps simply call them “songs of the brave” or “old songs”. The Songs of the Frontier Warriors is considered one of the rare treasures of the Albanian intangible heritage and culture. These songs took their final form throughout the XVII-XVIII centuries after being passed on for generations only through interpretation. The Songs of the Frontier Warriors were first collected and published in 1937 by Franciscan missionaries in the mountains of northern Albania. Other peoples of the Balkans have similar songs of these legendary epic songs. Harvard University researchers found that the Albanian rhapsodists who were first recorded singing the 12500 of these legendary epic song were able to recite the lyrics in Albanian, Serbo-Croatian and Bosnian. The luthiers in the Albanian Alps sing these songs by heart even to this day, making this tradition the latest of its kind to have survived in Europe. The Songs of the Frontier Warriors recount the epic stories of two brothers – Muji and Halili – but also of other legendary characters, such as Ajkuna, Omar, etc., who confront the invaders in an era identified as the early Middle Ages. These songs were translated and published in English in 2004.