“Bar Restaurant ‘Te Cemi’ Balkan brook trout “

Restaurant “To Cemi”, is a restaurant with traditional foods of the area by the river Cem. Being so close to this river what is typical food is the red trout of Cem,Balkan brook trout (Salmo Farioides) The Balkan brook trout can be found in rivers and streams of the western part of the Balkan Peninsula, in Kelmend between FushëLojë and Grabom and between Vukël and Tamarë. Its body is thin and long, the head has a conical shape with a wide mouth and medium sized strong teeth. The trout fish bones are thin and rounded off at the edges. Its color is olive green, getting darker towards the top, with various small red dots. The fish prefers cold, below 18°C, clean water rich in oxygen. Depending on the water temperature, the reproduction of the Balkan brook trout is from October to late March.