Adrenaline route – Adrenalinska ruta

For those who are eager for adventure and adrenaline, we have an ideal route in Zadar County.
Velebit is the longest, and the fourth highest mountain in Croatia in terms of altitude. Velebit is 10 to 30 km wide, with an area of about 2,200 km2, and the highest peak is Vaganski vrh (1,757 m).
It stretches along the Velebit Channel, part of the Adriatic Sea, from the Vratnik pass above Senj in the northwest to the canyon of the river Zrmanja in the southeast. On the mainland it is surrounded by Gacko, Ličko and Gračačko fields with the rivers Gacko, Lika and Otuča.
In the literature, it is common for Velebit to be divided into: Northern Velebit – It is about 30 km long and up to 30 km wide; Central Velebit – It is about 24 km long and up to 20 km wide; Southern Velebit – Length is about 46 km, and the smallest width of about 10 km; Southeastern Velebit – It is about 40 km long.
The entire mountain area is protected as a nature park, and Northern Velebit and Paklenica have been declared national parks. Within the Northern Velebit National Park there is a specially protected strict reserve Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi. There are many marked trails and paths for mountaineers on Velebit, which connect the surrounding places and mountain lodges on the mountain longitudinally and transversely.