Adenisi guesthouse (Chestnuts Tropoja)

Tropoja has the largest massive of chestnuts, not only in Albania but also in the Balkans. These massive covers 2000 hectares and has more than 190000 roots, distinguishing the municipalities of Bujan, Lekbibaj, Tropoja and Margegaj. This district is also characterized by its tropical plum, numerous walnuts, various apples (crows, sarking etc.) and its vineyards. According to the data and interviews conducted by the ANTTARC association, it turns out that in 2014 alone more than € 3 million was generated from the sale of chestnuts. Its main exporting countries are Germany, Austria and Turkey. Chestnuts of Reç in Shkoder remains particularly well known in the area for their sweet and natural taste. This chestnut has over 300 years and constitutes a rich heritage not only for Reç but for the whole Highlands. On 1974, the central government decision declared the the Chestnut of Rec, as natural monument.