Levac folklore festival “Prodjoh Levac prodjoh Sumadiju” – “I passed Levač, I passed Šumadija”

03 August-04 August 2019


Every year for half a century in the first weekend in August, in the church yard of the medieval Kalenić Monastery, the fair celebrates and preserves traditional folk art. The main content of the fair is folk art which corresponds to the ambience. On the summer stage, in the midst of beech and oak forests, near the monastery, about forty troupes participate, original folklore groups and ensembles, over 1200 performers from Sumadija and Pomoravlje, Zupa, Levac and other parts of Serbia. With Vojvodina and Kosmet Serbian cultural – artistic societies from Hungary and Romania, as well as from other countries, take part at the fair. Numerous accompanying events are organized like painting colony in Kalenic, with academics and naive painters from all over the country, then the manifestation “Janko’s Days” traditionally held since 2002 in the village Oparić in honor of the founder of naive painting in Serbia, a sculptor and painter Janko Brasic. Within this manifestation, a children’s art colony is organized at the Elementary School in Oparić, as well as an exhibition of paintings and sculptures, honey and wine, folk hand made art and old books.

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