Prodjoh Levač, prodjoh Šumadiju – I’ve passed Levač, I’ve passed Šumadija

The area of Levač is called the “garden of Sumadija”. After the visit, you will know why. Above the village of Županjevac you will see the ruins of a medieval fortress from the 14th century, and then in the village of Oparić you can see the exhibition of naive – founded by Janko Brašić who was born in this village and was the founder of Serbian naive painting school. Visiting the Miletic winery will complete the experience, and then you can hear some legends about the brook “Govor voda” – The Speaking Water. Further on, you will see the Kalenic Monastery which was built during the reign of the despot Stefan Lazarevic and is one of the most important cultural monuments in Serbia by its artistic values. Every year, the folklore festival “I passed Levac, I passed Sumadija” is held in the yard of this monastery. On your return, take a break in the rural household “Kočin Konak”, taste the local specialties and see the ethno setting representing the life of locals in the past. In this village of Sabanta, lived the greatest lyricist of Serbian romanticism, who was both the painter and the poet – Djura Jakšić. There is also the Lipar Monastery, and in the neighbouring village there are three other medieval monasteries. In Levač, you can hear funnels (a pumpkin instrument) and admire the handicrafts made by the wicker basket makers. You might try to make some yourself.