“Guesthouse Zorgji (Lahuta)”

The lute remains one of the most widespread traditional musical instruments in Northern Albania, but also in some other countries in the Balkans. It is made of wood and has an oval shaped belly. The lute has only one string in the neck and the sound is obtained by striking that string. It is especially used by rhapsodists when reciting epic songs at the friendly gatherings near the chimney. The sound of the lute accompanies the “songs of the brave” – the songs of the Frontier Warriors and the folkloric lyrical songs known in the harsh mountainous regions in the Albanian Alps as well. These last decades, the lute has begun to be used more extensively in local community events in the Alps, and more notably by the women. The geographical extent of its use covers the whole territory of the National Park, as well as the highlands of Puka, Gjakova in Kosovo, etc.