Montenegro:Small old town

Perast is a small town that has one street near the sea, although small it has 16 churches and the spirit of Venice. One of the islands that makes this place even more colorful and gives it a charm is Our Lady of the Rocks. The story goes that two fishermen brothers, returning from fishing, saw a light on a small reef. As they approached, they saw the icon of the Mother of God and took her to church. The icon disappeared the same night, and the next day it was found again, intact, on the ridge from where it was taken. Then the people of Perast decided to build a church there. Every time a boat would sail out of Perast, every sailor would throw a rock at the reef to ask the lady for a safe trip. This is how the island was created. Byzantine Empire, Venetian, Hungarian, French, Austrian invaders throughout history have tried to conquer this place and each of them has left a significant mark on this island.