Huts, Stani of Halil Qerimi

Huts are low-rise buildings of stone or wood, built in the mountains and frequented in the summer, from May to October. In lowland areas, huts are usually built of wood or shrub material, but in the Albanian Alps, locals generally build huts with stones. Next to the huts is always the sheepfold, mostly sheep and cows. Sheep are always guarded by large,  dogs, very dangerous if one tries to touch the sheep. They are usually strong dogs of the Sharr breed, also known as the Molos Dog, or the Illyrian Deltar. The nests are raised in the vicinity of the mountain pastures, which are used for feeding livestock as well as for breeding during the hot season. In addition to sheltering shepherds, the stables have spaces and also serve for the storage and processing of livestock products, mainly dairy by-products, such as cheese and butter. Generally the huts are owned by a tribe or family, but can also be owned jointly by a larger community or village. For the summer, along with the cattle, usually a small number of locals, no more than 2-3, stay in the huts. They are welcoming and often visited by groups of visitors who traverse the numerous trails in the Albanian Alps.