Buzmi -Guesthouse Kol Gjoni (Wood Log)

A thick walnut branch, cut as a trunk, which in the deep Dukagjini Malesi is called a rim, has given its name to a ritual that, although organized on Christmas Eve (or even New Year’s Eve), is profoundly pagan. The ritual aims to increase agricultural and livestock production over the next year. For Buzmi in Dukagjin, a big walnut branch, crossed with a vine branch, is set on fire.The ritual begins with the words of the householder: “Good evening men!” While others return: “Welcome to the Buzmi Bujar!” Then everyone repeats: “The generous / leafy and buzmi bujar is coming.” / with them and with them / After them comes summer. ” After catching fire, some food is thrown on buzmi, which symbolizes fruitfulness when thrown by the narrow side of the wood, and agriculture when thrown by the wide side. The next day, ash and any unburnt patch is thrown into the fields to produce more grain. The ritual being more or less the same in other areas of the Albanian Alps, such as in the Highlands (Kelmend, Shkrel, etc.). ), do not burn one, but some trunks, in Nikaj-Mertur 3 walnut branches are used, somewhere else two, and not only walnut, but also trees of other types, such as, walnut, oak etc. In different areas of The Alps Buzmi ritual is not all directed I got it from the owner of the house, but also from a boy and a girl.