“Blue Eye Theth “

If you are downhill from Thethi, after crossing the Grunas Canyon, head down to Uzina  Elektrike Ndërlyse  and straight to the side village of Kaperre until you reach Pusi I Zi, which is formed by the Black River, which descends from the Kaprre. If you drive, you have to stop and park there, as there is no motorway from Nderlysa to Blue Eye of Capers. After you park your car near the ruins of the School, stand in front of Pusi I Zi. From this place you should set out on foot to visit the Blue Eye. After crossing the bridge and making your way to Kaprre, it appears in front of you one of the most beautiful landscapes formed by rock erosion by the river, where some bathtubs and waterfalls are created, which are the most beautiful views in Albania.

From the place where the car is parked, to Blue Eye is a pedestrian route and takes about 40 minutes for the person walking a normal walk. Blue Eye is one of the rare beauties in all of Albania. It is formed by the Black River, which emanates from the Black peak. The Blue Eye is formed by rock erosion from water coming down from the mountains. The Black Well is about 100 m2 and about 3 – 5 meters deep. The Black River is completely formed by the melting snow in the Alps. Tourist (of any age) can go to the Blue Eye because the road lies in a simple valley. Along the way you should be careful to follow signs made by area residents.