Folklore Museum of Manos Faltaits

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Since its founding in 1964, the Faltaits Museum has been a vibrant, ever-evolving organization, presenting a rich history of activities. It is one of the first local Historical - Folk Museums in Greece. It was created to preserve the Scythian traditional heritage and to pass on to the Panhellenic message that the present and the future must be attached to Tradition. Since its inception, it has been operating with the active participation of young volunteers from all over Greece. Volunteering, as a theory and practice, is the central axis around which the museum's activities move, as a whole. The actions relate to the operation of the museum, the preservation of museum objects, and the organization of artistic and cultural activities. The Museum's collections have been largely completed since the 1980s. The collections of Skyrian woodcutter Giannouli Babousi and the donation of sculptures and sculptures by Lucia Georgantis and her parents were added in the future. The collections you can visit are "The Skyrian House", which is about a complete museum of Scyrian traditional culture as it is the most authentic and representative element of the life of a traditional Scyrian family. At the same time in the area are concentrated, very important artistic treasures (decorative objects, ceramics, glassware and bronze objects, etc.), which represent the aesthetic and sociological significance of the locals. Another exhibit concerns wood carving, with traditional furniture and other wood carving, dominating everywhere in the Museum's halls. Wood carving has a great tradition in the island and in the Skyrian wood carvings, they were the most important creations in this field. A special place in the Museum's collections is the Scyrian embroidery and weaving (world renowned), as well as the Scyrian costumes. Traditional Skyrian costumes in their collections and in individual accessories, are in large numbers and are on display at the Museum. The embroidery holds a special place in the Museum's collections. They are divided into Red embroidery, White embroidery , “Arigideles” and Grafta. The "Grafta" are the most impressive category of Skyrian embroidery. The museum has one of the largest and richest collections of traditional agricultural and livestock tools. These objects of traditional primary and secondary economy were collected from all parts of Greece, in Skyros. At the same time there are collections of rare and valuable books from the 1500 until the end of the 19th century. They consist of Greek and foreign language books, which are mainly related to the spiritual course of Greek enlightenment. The museum houses a large collection of Greek magazines and newspapers from the Ottoman era to the present day. The Museum houses a multitude of sculptures and paintings, including sculptures by Lucia, Nicholas and Helen Georgantis, burial sculpture, works by Scyrian painters, and the gallery of paintings by Manos Faltaits. Finally the visitor can get acquainted with the archive of Kosta Faltaj's documents (valuable documents from the Asia Minor campaign and the destruction, rebetiko song).

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MANOS FALTAYS MUSEUM - Folk Museum of Skyros Brook Square, Skyros, 34007, EUBOEA
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  • MANOS FALTAYS MUSEUM - Folk Museum of Skyros Brook Square, Skyros, 34007, EUBOEA
  • Country: Greece

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